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New 2022 UBCO 2X2 Work

Casa Grande, AZ
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  • Status Call for Price
  • Condition New
  • Usage miles / hours
  • Model Year 2022
  • Manufacturer UBCO
  • Model 2X2 Work
  • ID:11904
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  • Status Call for Price
  • Condition New
  • Usage miles / hours
  • Model Year 2022
  • Manufacturer UBCO
  • Model 2X2 Work
  • ID:11904
(602) 272-5551 Get Financing

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  • 2022 UBCO 2X2 Work Details

    The Work Bike. Clean and simple. Built for off-road riding with no on-road extras, this is a solid, mud-ready workhorse. All black, all rugged, and ready for a hard day's work.

    Top Speed: 30mph | 50kph
    Weight Incl. Power Supply: 140-151lbs | 64-69kg
    Charge Time: 4-6hrs
    Estimated Range:  43-81mi | 70-120km

    Tough and reliable, this bike won't let you down. We've improved and strengthened the frame, wheels and componentry to make our bikes even more robust and able to handle all terrain.
    With a Flux2  high-torque motor in each wheel and no messy drivetrain, take advantage of great traction and all-terrain performance.
    Ready to go the distance on city street, muddy fields, or gravel trails.

    • All-wheel-drive is provided by the 1kW Flux2 motor on each wheel. With sealed bearings, fully splined gear interfaces, and active heat management, these motors are designed to handle on- and off-road conditions.
    • 20% better motor efficiency, improved torque, and more sustained performance and efficiency at top speed. 
    • Special attention has been paid to weatherproofing and durability - the 2x2 was already good, now it's even better. The high-quality aluminium alloy frame and stainless-steel components have proven longevity. 
    • The tangential double-crossed spoke pattern and 9-gauge stainless steel spokes provide extra wheel strength.
    Lightweight with no clutch, a low centre of gravity, and step through frame, the 2X2 is easy to ride and manoeuvre.
    The electronic throttle is responsive to your riding, and because the 2X2 is simpler to operate than other motorbikes, riding is intuitive and easy
    Independent front and rear two-stage, regenerative braking helps you maintain control and traction. You can even customise your suspension to suit your riding and terrain.
    • Quadratic2 regenerative braking introduces independent front and rear control, with active (brake activated) and passive (off throttle) regenerative braking. 
    • ATFZ adjustable suspension includes pre-load and rebound adjustments in the front and rear. 
    • The streamlined dashboard view with LCD display helps you keep track of your riding. 
    • Electronic throttle control and momentary switches give you instant feedback. 
    • Lightweight, with no clutch, a low centre of gravity, and step through design, the 2X2 is effortless to control and ride.
    Attach and carry anything you need and go anywhere you want on your 2X2.
    The strong alloy frame includes attachment points to secure and carry cargo, tools, or equipment.
    The 2X2 is so lightweight, you can even hitch one or two on the back of your car or truck for easy transport.
    • The strong alloy frame has 19 accessory lugs strategically placed across the frame to provide maximum flexibility and adaptability. These allow you to secure and carry what you need (payload 150kg 13311b). 
    • Options for on, off, and dual-terrain riding. Choose from two power supply capacity options to power your bike. 
    • Fits all UBCO accessories from pannier bags to cargo decks, fairings, and bike racks. Or use our adapter pack to create your own custom attachments.
    No exhaust. No heat. No fuel. No chain. No engine noise.
    The electric drive 2X2 eliminates many of the safety concerns of internal combustion motorcycles by design.
    Inherently safe and packed with security features, whether in the town or country, you won't need to worry about your 2x2.
    • No exhaust, no heat, and no fuel dramatically reduces the burn risk. 
    • The low centre of gravity stabilises the bike and makes it easy to maintain an upright position across sloping terrain. 
    • All-wheel-drive increases traction for a more stable ride. 
    • The power supply locks into the bike frame and the steering lock provides security for parking. 
    • Secure code hopping technology resists cloning and hotwiring for keyless vehicle operation.
    Connect and communicate directly with the bike through the onboard vehicle management system and handy UBCO App.
    Take control with real time performance for your bike and customise your riding experience.
    The optional Telematic Control Unit is perfect for managing a fleet of bikes, with real time information and intelligence.
    • Monitor speed, distance, power output, battery level, and the time on the Bluetooth connected UBCO App and the Adventure Bike's LCD display. 
    • With the optional Telematic Control Unit (TCU) you can track and trace the bike for the ultimate in security and control. 
    • The vehicle management system (VMS) integrates all electronics and communication functions of the bike. It includes isolated CAN bus for easier integration of future CAN devices. 
    • The power supply incorporates active and passive safety systems within the IP66 rated alloy case.
    Near silent motors let you enjoy the sounds around you without adding 'any noise pollution of your own.
    On an UBCO 2X2, you'll save money on fuel and maintenance, reduce your emissions, and shrink your overall environmental footprint.
    No gas. No emissions. No noise.

    • Charge Time4-6hrs
    • Engine TypeBattery
    • Estimated Range43-81mi
    • Manufacturer NameUBCO
    • Top Speed30mph
    • Weight140-151lbs INCL POWER SUPPLY
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