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Buy a new Polaris® GEM vehicle at ElectricAveNu today! Browse our line of new electric vehicles, with Polaris® GEM cars designed for passengers and utility. These vehicles are the standard in comfort and give you a smooth ride every time. Plus, you can drive them on all kinds of terrain and adventure year-round with GEM’s door seal design. Some come on in and see how these electric cars can offer you an ecofriendly alternative to gas without sacrificing style and luxury.

  • Why Polaris® is the Trusted Name in GEM Electric Vehicles

    GEM electric cars from Polaris® are the premiere low-speed electric vehicle option. Their quality design was built to be the most durable and versatile utility and passenger vehicles on the market. Battery options, passenger accommodations, and working needs — offer you the ability to customize an electric vehicle with the features you want. Before you buy a Polaris® electric vehicle, visit our selection of great models and let our experts tell you all the details to get the right one for you.

  • Electric Vehicles Catered to Your Passengers

    The next phase of electric transportation is here — with a safe, sustainable, and value to move people and cargo. ElectricAveNu has passenger GEM vehicles to make transportation a breeze. These all-electric, street-legal, Polaris® GEM vehicles can offer all of the above and more. Polaris® GEM passenger vehicles give your riders a smooth ride and deluxe comfort. Transport people around campuses, facilities, or around town with a spacious and ergonomic design that’ll give your passengers an unforgettable experience.

  • The Benefits of Electronic Utility Vehicles Can Optimizes Your Workload

    We have a wide selection of utility Polaris® GEM vehicles for sale. Though they may look like a golf cart at first, GEM vehicles are certified with safety features to make them a low-speed vehicle. They offer the best of both worlds with comfort and utility. When you buy a Polaris® GEM vehicle, you have customizable options to ease your workload. Such options include ladder racks, electronic power steering, flatbeds, and many more!

All-Electric Personal Transportation That Moves You

ElectricAveNu is a dealership in Arizona that combines a vast selection of GEM EVs with quality customer service. We put you in the driver seat of an electric vehicle that will meet your individual needs and preferences. With choices from passenger EVs to utility vehicles, you are sure to find the power or comfort you are seeking. Find out how you can enhance your driving experience with comfort and reliability, by speaking to one of our representatives today!

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