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Build Your Own Polaris GEM EV

At ElectricAveNu, you build your own custom Polaris® GEM to fit your desired EV. These versatile Polaris® GEM carts have a wide selection of battery, charging, and seating options. When it comes to moving people and cargo — the go-to EV is Polaris®. Their collection of electric vehicles has a solution to all your transportation needs. If you need to move passengers, or increase your workflow, choose Polaris® GEM carts as your passenger or utility vehicle and get the job done right.

Don’t Be Late to Tee-Time With a Polaris® Golf Cart

These street-legal vehicles can offer nimble maneuvering with their tight turning radius. Get around your campus with this cost-effective golf cart EV. New Polaris® GEM carts are anything but basic. Take your cart directly from your house to the golf course in a fast and comfortable ride. Their design features cutting-edge technology, and quality craftsmanship to give you a custom golf cart that performs on the course. At ElectricAveNu, we help you customize your Polaris® GEM to your specifications.

Polaris® Passenger Carts, the More the Merrier

New Polaris® GEM EVs accommodate extra passengers without sacrificing comfort. These top of the line carts make a great first impression. Greet your guests or move passengers around campus in style and luxury. These open-air cabs do more than get you from one place to another. They create an unforgettable experience that can only be found in Polaris® GEM carts.  Customize your passenger requirements with increased seating, a smooth ride, and spacious interiors.

A Reliable People Mover That Doesn’t Cut Corners

Consider building your own custom Polaris® GEM to move more people. Go further with extensive battery ranges that also charge quickly. Polaris® GEM carts place the passenger experience before anything else. Their people moving EVs can carry large groups safely and comfortably. They have the models specifically designed to move people around campus, across town, or around the local neighborhood. New Polaris® GEM vehicles will always be ready to move whenever you need them.

Polaris® Utility Vehicles — It’s Electric!

ElectricAveNu knows the importance of a reliable utility vehicle. Our line of New Polaris® GEM carts has all your work needs covered. Build your own custom Polaris® utility GEM based on your terrain, cargo, or passenger requirements. With a sturdy build, and high ground clearance, these GEM carts are workhorses. Pick the carrier and bed as part of the customization options, and you’ll end up with a reliable and ecofriendly Polaris® utility vehicle.

All-Electric Personal Transportation That Moves You

ElectricAveNu is a dealership in Arizona that combines a vast selection of GEM EVs with quality customer service. We put you in the driver seat of an electric vehicle that will meet your individual needs and preferences. With choices from passenger EVs to utility vehicles, you are sure to find the power or comfort you are seeking. Find out how you can enhance your driving experience with comfort and reliability, by speaking to one of our representatives today!

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